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Big Data, Hadoop and Spark Workshop

Categories : Data Technology
Posted by : kotchaphan | Posted On : Wednesday, 21 January 2015 16:53
Training Date : 16 March 2017 - 17 March 2017
07 April 2016 - 08 April 2016
17 December 2015 - 18 December 2015
21 July 2015 - 22 July 2015
27 May 2015 - 28 May 2015
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กรุณา ล็อกอิน ก่อนลงทะเบียน หรือสร้างบัญชีผู้ใช้ใหม่ได้ ที่นี่
Time : 12 Hour(s)
Days : 2 Day(s)
Duration : 09:00 - 16:00
Fee : 8,000 THB (Excluded Vat 7%)
Language : Thai
Instructor : Mr.Danairat Thanabodithammachari
Objectives :

This workshop provides an understanding of Big Data Technology and Its ecosystems and how to apply in the enterprise, understanding of Core Hadoop, HDFS, YARN, Map Reduce Processing, Spark In-memory, big data project management, big data maturity model and big data government. The instructor will also conduct a hands-on workshop for deeper experiences. 

Who Should Attend :

Target Audiences: CIO, IT Architect, IT Development Team, Senior IT Staffs, Data Warehouse Team

Pre-Requisites: Working Experience more than 3 years. 

Benefits :
  •           Understand Today Key Business Requirements to fit with Big Data Technology Solution
  •           Learn Big Data Project Management
  •          Gain Experience of Writing Map Reduce Program, An Essential of Big Data Hadoop Technology and Its Ecosystems in Hands-On Labs.
  •           Understand Big Data Maturity Model
  •           Understand Big Data Governance
  • Share and Exchange Real Use Cases in a Group Presentation
Course Outline :

Day 1

  • Lecture: Introduction to Big Data Technology and Hadoop
  • Hands-On: Installing Hadoop and Ecosystem Components
  • Hands-On: Configuring HDFS
  • Hands-On: Importing Data to HDFS
  • Hands-On: Reviewing, Retrieving, Deleting Data from HDFS
  • Lecture: Understanding Hadoop YARN Processing
  • Hands-On: Writing you own Map Reduce Program
  • Hands-On: Packaging Map Reduce and Deploying to Hadoop Runtime Environment


Day 2

  • Lecture: Learning Spark Technology
  • Hands-On: Installing Spark
  • Hands-On: Spark and HDFS
  • Hands-On: Spark Transformation and Action
  • Hands-On: Review Spark output
  • Big Data Project Management
  • Planning
  • Development
  • Operation
  • Evaluation
  • Big Data Maturity Model
  • Big Data Governance
  • Summary
Payment Condition :
Payment can be made by:
    1. Cash or Credit Card or Bank Cheque payable to “Software Park Thailand #2” (a post-dated cheque is not accepted) on the first day of the service or within the last day of the service.
    2. Account transfer and send the proof of the payment (the deposit slip) via fax or email to fax no. 02-583-2884 or email
        2.1 Siam Commercial Bank, Chaengwattana Branch
              Saving Account Number: 324-2-56262-0
             Account Name: Software Park Thailand#2
        2.2 Krungsri Bank, Chaengwattana (Software Park) Branch
              Saving Account Number: 329-1-34850-3
             Account Name: Software Park Thailand#2
- Withholding tax (3%) is exempt.
- Should you need to withdraw, you must send the notice of the withdrawal in writing no later than 7 working days before the commencement date. The cancellation less than 7 days will be subject to a fine of 40% of the fee.
- Software Park Thailand reserves the rights to cancel courses due to unforeseen circumstances.
Contact Person :

For more information, contact our course coordinator on:

Ms. Kotchaphan Aokdeelert

Tel: +66-2583-9992 Ext. 1425

Fax: +66-2583-2884


You are encouraged to use the course schedule as a guide to plan your training. The schedule is accessible at for more information.