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Code Course Name Training Date Status
SW002 Building BIRT Reports 24-26 Open for registration
SW009 Reactive Web Application Development With ReactJS Framework New 23-26 Open for registration
DT007 Python for Programmers New 23-26 Open for registration
EAD004 Data Center Design & Operation Management Hot 19-20 Jul,2 Aug Open for registration
SAD013 Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture 18-20 Class end/close
DT004 Fundamental Data Science for Data Scientist using R Update 18-20 Class end/close
SW006 Single Page Application with Angular 5 Update 18-20 Open for registration
SW005 Introduction to ANGULAR 2 with Typescript 17-19 Open for registration
MS003 Developing ASP.NET Web Applications with Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Update 16-20 Open for registration
DT011 IoT: Telemetry to Analytics 16-20 Open for registration

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