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TOPIC: How to Make Homemade Fertilizers right

How to Make Homemade Fertilizers right 9 months, 4 weeks ago #59967

How to Make Homemade Fertilizers right from your Kitchen Scraps

The best fertilizers for your garden or houseplants actually come from your kitchen. These easy do-it-yourself organic fertilizers are good for your plants and the environment as well, since you will not be exposed to chemical fertilizers with ingredients you cannot pronounce. All you need is a little patience. Let’s start!

Banana peels

❁ Bananas provide an abundant source of potassium and phosphorus, which are essential for plants to flower and to resist against diseases. Simply throw a few peels into the hole before planting flowers, such as roses, so they can compost naturally. Another way is to mix water with banana peels to make a compost pile. To speed up the composting process, you can add some organic compost starter, which can be easily purchased from Amazon Prime. When the peels are broken into dark and rich soil, you will have compost full of nutrients and microorganisms for your garden.


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❁ Another way is to dry banana peels completely under the sun for at least three days. Then chop these peel into very small pieces and mix them into the soil to encourage more flowers.

Child's hands throwing out kitchen waste from the vintage cutting board to the garden compost heap for recycling and fertilizer

Coffee grounds

❁ Have your morning cup of top reviewed coffee, then give the coffee grounds to your acid-loving plants, such as radishes, potatoes, tomatoes, and blueberries! Coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen and magnesium which plants need to produce protein. Coffee grounds can be sprinkled over the ground around the bases of your plants and mixed in with the soil, or it can be soaked in water and allowed to be steep overnight. Use this liquid to water the plants.


❁ Eggs – another breakfast favorite! Wash the eggshells, allow them to air dry completely under the sunlight, and then put them into a grinder until they are powdery fine. Finely ground shells are often used to replace agricultural lime. Since it is harder for eggshells to be fully absorbed into the soil, it is recommended that you mix eggshells with coffee grounds or other organic matter and put the mixture into the bottom of your pots for faster absorption.

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❁ An alternative way of using eggshells as fertilizer is to boil them for about 3 minutes and to then let them cool overnight. The boiled water is used to water the plants, and the crushed eggshells are sprinkled around the plants’ base as slug repellant.

Rice wash

❁ Rice wash provides various nutrients to help plants grow fuller and healthier. Simply dilute the rice wash with water with a 50-50 ratio, and use this mixture to water your leafy plants. Rice wash watering is known to be more effective than fertilizing when it comes to seedlings and transferring new leafy plants like collard greens and lettuce.

❁ You can also add molasses into fresh and uncontaminated rice wash; keep the mixture in air-tight container in shaded area without direct sun exposure for a week. When the mixture gives off a fermented smell and shows a light brown color, it is ready to be used as fertilizer.

Organic leftovers, waste from vegetable ready for recycling and to compost

Final notes

❁ Natural fertilizers can be slow release fertilizers, but you will never have to be worried about over-fertilizing or “burning” your plants with them. They are not only safe for your environment, but also easy on your wallet. Research the best product reviews TheKingLive.com
to make sure you use the right organic fertilizer for your plants!
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